1920 (2008)

Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Adah Sharma
The main character falls in love with the girl but his family refused their love and tried to kill her by fire. The boy become angry and decided to become atheist and marry lisa. They married and went to a big house alone in woods to live together. But after some days Lisa starts to see and feel unwanted things. She felt like there is someone else in the house but the boy refused and told her you are new here that's why you feel strange but after a couple of days she was possessed. In order to save her, he went to a village and there he get to know that a girl named Gayatri Devi lived here and a lier who was with Britisher team lived with her and stayed a night with her and in the morning when the raja and police arrived they hung him in the same room where they slept and before dying he said to Gayatri that he will come again no matter even if she died and he will haunt her even in the next janam. So Gayatri became Lisa in the next janam and Lisa went to that house and spirit knew that she is Gayatri so that's why spirit is trying to kill her. The boy tried many things but the spirit killed everyone and at last he decided to sing Hanuman Chalisa and hugged Lisa so the spirit in her body goes away. After a moment the spirit leaves her body and Lisa was back to normal and they lived happily again
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